Malcolm Soh

I want to break free

“I Want to Break Free” delves into conversation around the notion of breaking free fromconformity and social constructs. Exploring the boundaries between the public and private, thesocial and political, this work aims to reestablish the self within society and to reflect upon thecontrol and pressure society has on individuals. As we go about in our lives, invisible and unsaidprinciples bounds our way of life, forming and shaping us unknowingly. These ideas have beeningrained so deeply within the fabric of society that it has become part of our culture andfoundation. To unravel it, we need look no further than the educational system, parentalupbringing and social influences. Within these social structures and establishments, we wereeducated from a young age, what was right and wrong, never given the chance to experience itourselves. To obey the rules and those older than us were key principles in our society. With theinternet, we are able to learn and adopt many cultures across the globe which attracts us.However, there are some who are not as accepting of these different influences within society,and rather stick to their old ways; the traditional way of life and thinking. For example personalappearance such as having dyed hair, tattoos and to crossdress were perceived as usual andtherefore frowned upon in society. These appearances such as dyed hair and tattoos were mainlylinked with delinquency and outlaws. With the understanding to obey the law and those whotaught it to us, it is difficult to raise issues that are not within the line or creates discourse withour own way of life. 

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